In today’s competitive legal market, being unique with your business approach and original with how you operate will make your law firm stand out in the crowd and get ahead in the game.

And a custom legal Case Management solution can play a major role in taking your brand to the next level.

What is Custom Legal Software?

Customisable Legal Software (also known as bespoke legal software or tailor-made legal software) is software developed specifically for an organisation to accommodate that organisation’s preferences, expectations and for many legal firms, the way they work day-to-day. Our legal Practice Management software, CaseLoad, is built to fit a law firms’ specifications and business needs and is different from traditional off-the-shelf legal software.

Advantages of Customised Legal Software

With CaseLoad you dictate how you want your final product to look, and you can expand it as new tools become available. Nothing can beat that in the current legal tech market. You can start small, with only the core-essentials, and then add to your case management features later to streamline and improve automation of more processes.

The top advantages of custom legal software are:

1. It’s tailor-made to the specific needs of your law firm

With custom-made legal Case Management software, a direct relationship is established between you and Denovo. Our knowledgeable, expert developers can adapt to your requirement changes more easily than other providers and collaborate with you on making the application the best it can be. The software is effectively yours alone, sitting on your own cloud-based remote desktop; it belongs to you and there’s no other one like it.

2. It’s a smart long-term investment

Developing custom legal Case Management software does not have to be expensive, as you are not starting from scratch. In fact, to customise CaseLoad at a basic level there is no additional charge. There’s no need to purchase unnecessary additional hardware or pay for extravagant workflows and pointless features you will probably never use. Our Case Management System has this all available, the difference being that you can manipulate how the software features work to suit your working practices, work types, etc. So, the long-term benefits far outweigh the headaches of dealing with off-the-shelf software that will not provide the same level of flexibility.

3. It Increases productivity

This one is a no-brainer. By using legal Case Management software designed to meet your needs, your team will be more confident and perform tasks faster and more efficiently. Taking the guess work out of what tasks are required against desired deadlines will reduce stress and keep everyone on track.

4. Your software will continually evolve through its life cycle

This is another main difference between custom and off-the-shelf legal software. With CaseLoad, you have your own version of the application and with support of our team can do anything you wish with it. But with off-the-shelf legal software, you’re at the mercy of the software developer you purchase the app from. It puts your law firm business in a vulnerable position. You’re constantly dependent on someone else to update and improve your software. Effectively having a non-legal expert telling you how you and your team should operate. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope you get a system that works for you. Otherwise, you’ll have to change the supported legal software which will cost you time, money and leave you frustrated and dissatisfied with the product that’s not going to help your business grow.

5. It’s more secure against external threats

Off-the-shelf legal Case Management software is more vulnerable to hacking attacks since it is available to everyone. CaseLoad, on the other hand, is more secure and harder for hackers to infiltrate, because it’s built on a unique cloud-server only used within your organisation. Hackers see no point attacking bespoke software when they can access software shared by multiple companies.

6. Scalability

Businesses constantly grow; that’s the whole point of starting them in the first place. Off-the-shelf legal software may not be able to handle the heavy load while customisable legal software is developed with all the changes in mind. CaseLoad evolves as your law firm grows, suiting one user firms all the way up to hundreds if required.

7. Support

With Denovo, you also get a dependable technical support team, with decades of experience working in the legal industry and are fully involved in the development process of your application with you. They are familiar with your Case Management System and can handle any issues that arise along the way.

This insight was brought to you by our sponsor, Denovo.

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