A new report from the AI4Lawyers project was presented yesterday which provides a comprehensive guide to the use of AI for European law firms. The guide is the result of two years of work, co-funded by the Justice programme of the European Union.

The project highlights that IT advances much faster than the law, which creates problems for both lawyers and law firms. The e-Justice Action Plan for 2019-2023, considers AI to be:

“ one of the major developments in information and communication technologies in recent years and should be further developed in coming years. Its implications in the field of e-Justice need to be further defined.” 

The AI4Lawyers project, co-funded by the European Union (Justice Programme), CCBE and ELF aims to address these issues with three key objectives:

IT capabilities

Providing overview of “average state of the art” IT capabilities of lawyers and law firms in the EU and a gap analysis using comparisons with non-EU countries.

Natural language processing tools

To assess the opportunities and barriers in the use of natural language processing tools in small and medium sized law practices.

AI4Lawyers Guide

Creating guidance for EU lawyers and law firms on the use of AI in legal practice

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