In a recent article for the Law Society of Scotland, Ally Thomson, founder of Hey Legal, discusses how brining a trainee into your firm could benefit your business. Ally asks practitioners to cast their mind back to their time as a trainee, he writes:

New entrants to the profession, to state the obvious, are quite literally the future of the profession. Currently though, we are experiencing a traineeship crisis. For many brilliant potential lawyers, that ‘Day One’ experience may never become a reality and many are being lost to the profession.

Do you remember your first day?

The excitement, the fear, the thrill of getting started in the career you had long dreamed of and worked so hard to make a reality. The assistant or partner who took the initiative and started to train you in the realities of the legal world you had, up until then, only studied from afar. The colleague who helped you when a situation seemed overwhelming and guided you through the legal maze.

How often do you face a situation now and find yourself thinking of some advice given early in your career that has become a guiding principle for you when facing a challenge?

No doubt every law firm would like to have a trainee or trainees in the mix. However, rather than recruiting, it can be easy to only see the challenges of bringing a trainee into a business: the onboarding, increased overheads, training requirements, and risk. It’s true that great employees may be created who leave – but they might also stay and be the future of your business.

You can read the full article, over on the Law Society of Scotland blog.

We have created the Scottish Legal Career Launchpad – a free channel for law students, law graduates, traineeship seekers, trainees and Scottish law firms looking to recruit the best new talent.  We look to launch Scottish legal careers and develop them in the early years of training and qualification. Resources for aspiring and new lawyers with content and support from Scotland most progressive law firms.

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