For the first time, an appeal hearing is to be live-streamed by the Court of Session.

The Lord President, Lord Carloway, has granted permission for an appeal of international significance to be live streamed by the Court.

The appeal involves lead cases brought by Scottish local authorities against truck manufacturers for damages following findings by the European Commission of the existence of a cartel.

It means that members of the public from across the globe will be able to tune in to watch the two-day hearing scheduled for 17 and 18 November.

Details on how to access the Court of Session case are available on the courts website. Calling before Lord Carloway, Lord Woolman and Lord Pentland, it will involve legal argument without witnesses.

Live streaming is not appropriate for all hearings and the decision to grant permission was based on the circumstances of the particular case.


The case is Glasgow City Council v VFS Financial Services Ltd & ors and West Dunbartonshire Council v VFS Financial Services Ltd & ors

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