The Scottish Criminal Law Channel aims to make the working life of criminal practitioners in Scotland easier. The “Ask SLAB” series lets you ask SLAB questions and get answers that help you navigate the legal aid system. Short bite-sized content providing information you need. We are grateful to The Scottish Legal Aid Board for participating in this initiative.

As a follow up to our June content, where Steven Carrie of SLAB discussed abatements, we discuss a topic which many practitioners have requested we cover – perusals and the perusal process.

In this latest video from the “Ask SLAB” series of The Scottish Criminal Law Channel, we ask SLAB about charging for perusals and the potential for fee reform. In this talk you will learn about perusals, the perusal process and potential fee reforms. You can claim CPD for viewing this talk by becoming a member of the Scottish Criminal Law Channel where you can download a completion certificate.

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