In an exclusive collaboration between the Scottish Legal Aid board and the Scottish Criminal Law Channel (SCLC), we have worked to create the ‘Ask SLAB’ series.The Scottish Criminal Law Channel aims to make the working life of criminal practitioners in Scotland easier. The “Ask SLAB” series lets you ask SLAB questions and get answers that help you navigate the legal aid system. Short bite-sized content providing information you need. We are grateful to The Scottish Legal Aid Board for participating in this initiative.

In our latest video from the “Ask SLAB” series of The Scottish Criminal Law Channel: https://the-scottish-criminal-law-cha… Kingsley Thomas, Head of Criminal Legal Assistance SLAB joins us to discuss criminal legal aid financial eligibility.

By completing this talk you will learn:

1. What is the Undue Hardship financial test in Criminal Applications and when is it used?

2. What happens for clients on benefits – can you check these with the DWP?

3. What income and expenditure is taken into account? 4. So, how is eligibility worked out then?

5. What about a client’s capital or savings?

6. What verification is needed?

7. Should solicitors wait until they get all the verification documents together before submitting the application?

8. What happens if legal aid is refused?

9. What happens if legal aid is granted and the client’s circumstances change?

You can claim CPD for completion of this talk when you join The Scottish Criminal Law Channel, with some free access.

The following links provide further information on financial tests in Summary, Solemn and Criminal appeals cases:

Undue hardship test in summary criminal legal aid applications

Assessing disposable income in solemn proceedings

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