All over the UK, lawyers and law firms are celebrating Black History Month. Here we curate some of our favourite articles, books, events and initiatives.

The fight for justice and inclusion, regardless of colour or creed, is a shared history that we must all strive to build upon to ensure a society and profession where everyone can thrive.

Tsepiso Forrest, a DPLP student at Robert Gordon University (RGU) and volunteer at the Citizen Advice Bureaux in Nairn and RGU Law Clinic

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Irwin Mitchell to Produce an E-book To Inspire The Next Generation of Black Lawyers

The team are currently collating recipes from colleagues, clients and friends of the firm which will form an e-cookbook featuring African, Caribbean and Southern Soul inspired food and drinks, together with the thoughts of the contributors on what Black History Month means to them. The team are aiming to publish the e-cookbook towards the end of the month and will encourage readers to donate to Black Minds Matters UK and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

Black History Month: We all have role to play

Tsepiso Forrest discusses important figures of the past, and what each of us can do to build a more inclusive Scottish legal sector.

It is the writer’s belief and hope that the work that has begun with the legal profession’s commitment to diversity and inclusion will continue. The tackling of barriers to entry for those who come from black backgrounds to create a truly inclusive profession is to be commended. There is, however, more still to be done.

Black History Month: Unforgetting the past

Leslie Thomas QC told me earlier this year, as we discussed the Black Lives Matter movement and events since the death of George Floyd: ‘There was something different here… this isn’t dying down.’

I cannot think of a better time to be curious about the history – and law, lawyers and the legal profession’s role in it.

Scotland’s History is Black History

Tatora Mukushi, discusses how Scotland’s history is tightly interwoven with Black history – a subject not touched upon until very recently. Mukushi is a Dual-Qualified Human Rights Solicitor currently leading Shelter Scotland’s Migrant Destitution Project.

No Problem Here: Racism in Scotland

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