Today, the third Monday in January is dubbed ‘Blue Monday’ – the most difficult day of the year. The day was chosen by Cliff Arnoll in 2004 after a holiday company asked him to find a ‘scientific formula’ for the January blues.

However, Dr Philip Clarke, a lecturer in psychology says:

“I started speaking out against Blue Monday when I saw companies were trying to use it as an excuse to sell things,”

“The key thing to remember is that Blue Monday isn’t scientifically proven – there’s not even proof January sees a rise in mental health referrals although it may seem that way,”

“But Blue Monday is getting people having those difficult conversations about depression and anxiety and what you can actually do to help with that.

“I think that’s a really strong benefit that comes with it.”

After heightened socialising over the festive period and settling back into work, many of us are feeling less than hopeful. Perhaps your New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside or maybe you just really need to talk to someone. We would like to use this ‘Blue Monday’ to remind lawyers that they live stressful lives, to look after themselves, and that help is available. Listed below are some resources.

Wellbeing for Criminal Lawyers: Coping Strategies to protect your wellbeing

Dr Mary Ross, Consultant Clinical Psychologist is in discussion with Edith Forrest Advocate with a focus on mental health wellbeing for criminal lawyers. You may think you are unaffected by some of the evidence that you are dealing with. Consultant psychologist Mary Ross outlines signs that may show you are being impacted and provides some easy strategies which will help you, your loved ones, your business and your clients.

Talk Money Week: The money matters all lawyers need to consider

As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we talk about money. From the financial difficulties the pandemic has presented, to the isolation many have felt, getting money matters out in the open should be a priority. Research has shown that people who talk about money regularly reap the benefits. They make better decisions, improve personal relationships, help their children to form good money habits, and feel more in control. Before the pandemic, we spoke to Fergus Muirhead – financial writer and broadcaster – about financial planning for lawyers. Personal finance planning is even more relevant today, and Fergus shares some key insights into managing your money as a lawyer.

Roddy Dunlop QC and Iain Smith discuss staying connected in the profession

We held the first ever Hey Legal Social last week – hosted by Edith Forrest, Advocate and streamed on YouTube and Twitter. In the first segment, Edith was joined by by Dean of Faculty Roddy Dunlop QC and Iain Smith, Partner at Keegan Smith Defence Lawyers, to discuss the importance of staying connected with each other during challenging times in the profession and beyond.

Charlie Hodgson on teamwork, stress and performance

On this episode we have retired International Rugby player and highest scorer in English Premiership – Charlie Hodgson in conversation with Ally Thomson.We discuss Charlie’s transition from the world of sport into business.We also hear his thoughts on the dynamics between individual and team performance at the elite level. And finally, we hear how Charlie is taking part in Stress Awareness Month and what he believes is key to combating stress and continuing to perform at ones highest level.

David Laud, One Year No Beer

In this episode, Ally Thomson of Hey Legal chats with David Laud of the One Year No Beer Challenge. They discuss the impact of alcohol on performance and wellbeing, the benefits of kicking the booze, and how law firms can get involved with the One Year No Beer Challenge. For more information check out

Mary Ross, Why lawyers get stressed and what to do about it

In this session we hear from Mary Ross, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, in conversation with Edith Forrest, Advocate about lawyers and stress.

Mary discusses:

  • Why lawyers stress – deadlines, billing, running a business, the legal mind involving critical thinking
  • How lawyers can train their mind to think in a different way.
  • Competitiveness and its impact on wellbeing.
  • Dealing with sexual offending cases and generally distressing evidence
  • How to form healthy habits to cope with stress, improve your wellbeing and perform at your best.

Samaritans Brew Monday Campaign

This ‘Brew Monday’, 17 January, Samaritans is reminding everyone to reach out for a cuppa and a catch-up with the people they care about.

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