Today is the beginning of Global Climate Change Week and with the important United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) due to be held in Glasgow next year, the Law Society is encouraging Scottish lawyers to get involved.  Alison Macnab a member of the Policy Team at the Law Society of Scotland writes in The Scotman:

COP26 has been described, scientifically and politically, as a critical moment to focus attention on the climate change agenda. COP26 intends to unite action globally by strengthening countries’ ability to handle the impact of climate change and to monitor progress towards delivery of the 2015 Paris Agreement commitments. 

The staging of the conference in Scotland provides an opportunity to consider more fully the profession’s responsibilities to climate change – whether as individual solicitors advising clients or with our professional duties to our member solicitors and our policy work.

The article goes on to discuss why it is essential that the profession is aware of both what is required of them when at work to manage their environmental impact, but also how they can best advise clients when developing policies that may have an impact on the environment, and the public as a whole.

Developing a programme to raise awareness of and interest in COP26 and of climate change across the profession will build on our collective knowledge and understanding to help us plan for the future in an era of change.

In an opinion article for The Gazette, ‘Lawyers’ role in climate change’, Jonathan Goldsmith discusses the jurisprudential elements of law, government, and climate change. He writes:

One of the legal struggles of most significance to all of us, as citizens or lawyers, is the current attempt to align legal rights with the perils posed by climate change. 

In essence, the question is this: is there a fundamental human right to a safe and stable environment? If there is, does the government have a duty to preserve it?

A very interesting and insightful look at the argument for lawyers taking the lead on climate change matters. Read the full article here.

Are you a student or trainee thinking of becoming a climate change lawyer?

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