The Law Society of Scotland has today published diversity data collected as part of the annual Practising Certificate (PC) renewal process. For the first time, diversity questions were included in the PC renewal process and the data gathered offers us valuable insight into the Scottish legal profession today.

Roughly 80% of members completed the diversity data questions, providing the most comprehensive view of the diversity of the Scottish legal profession to date, including how our profession compares to the the wider Scottish population.

President of the Law Society of Scotland Ken Dalling said:

We undertook this research to gain a better understanding of the Scottish legal profession and how well it reflects the society that it serves. The information obtained provides a vital and worthwhile insight into the composition of the profession and the challenges that we face. Whilst it is heartening to see that the profession is becoming more diverse, there is still progress to be made.

“With the majority of members completing the diversity information, we have our strongest evidence base yet to help us set effective policies that address the issues identified. We will do all we can to help encourage and support equal opportunities across the profession, and this data gives us a key set of benchmarks to measure our progress towards a truly inclusive profession.”

The Law Society will collect the diversity data every two years, with the next set of data collated during the PC renewal of autumn 2022.

Read the full Diversity Data 2020/21 report here.

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