In an exclusive collaboration between the Scottish Legal Aid board and the Scottish Criminal Law Channel (SCLC), we have worked to create the ‘Ask SLAB’ series.

The Scottish Criminal Law Channel aims to make the working life of criminal practitioners in Scotland easier.

The “Ask SLAB” series lets you ask SLAB questions and get answers that help you navigate the legal aid system. Short bite-sized content providing information you need.

We are grateful to The Scottish Legal Aid Board for participating in this initiative.

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In the talk released today we are joined by Kingsley Thomas. Kingsley is the Head of Criminal Legal Assistance with the Scottish Legal Aid Board, and has worked in Legal Aid administration since 1983. He manages a busy Department which processes and takes decisions on all types of criminal legal aid from across Scotland. He is also responsible for the Criminal Quality Assurance scheme, and the Board’s Court and Police Station duty schemes.

In this video we discuss:

Questions on Declaration Forms:

· Why do we still need paper forms?

· Why are there so many of them for Criminal cases?

· Why do we need the information that is requested on the forms and how it is used?

· What are the Data Capture forms for?

· Why do the forms need to be signed by the clients? Explain that with (some) declarations it is possible to enter the details on LAOL, print the online form and get clients to sign.

How to give SLAB feedback.

How to give SLAB feedback on criminal legal aid: · Directly to Kingsley Thomas:

· Website feedback form at end of each page of the criminal legal assistance guidance section

· Website LAOL contact section has feedback form

Some useful tools:

· Forms and declarations finder

· Searching for legal aid guidance: Guidance key word filter

· Solicitor contact page: specific teams listing

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