The Amalgamated briefing paper on Restarting Solemn Trials has been updated.

Practitioners may wish to note that the written direction on corroboration has been updated. The following wording has been added at Part B(4):

  • Please note that in a case where there is a main source of evidence, such as a witness describing the event in which a crime was committed, corroborative evidence does not need to be more consistent with guilt than with innocence.
  • All that is required for corroboration is evidence which provides support for, or confirmation of, or fits with, the main source of evidence about an essential fact.”

 References to the most up to date juror information and juror safety sheets have also been updated.

Thomas Ross QC spoke to Hey Legal about the update, identifying his concerns:

 The amalgamated briefing paper can be found on the Judicial Institute Publications page.

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