At our Social this month, we celebrated International Women’s day and also provided an update on new content we have for you.

Edith Forrest, Advocate hosted the discussion and you will hear from Elizabeth Rose, founder of the new L&M MediLaw medical negligence claims venture, Emma O`Day Head of Marketing and Communications at The Cashroom and Emma Flood of Hey Legal.

All of our guests discuss their career choices as women working in law and the wider legal sector.

You can also hear an update from Ally Thomson of Hey Legal with information on new content for lawyers that we will be releasing soon.

If you subscribe to our Channel you can receive a notification of us going live for our future social events and other video releases by us. We hope all of this sounds good to you!

Hey Legal is always looking to do different and hopefully interesting things which help Scottish lawyers and we hope this is of interest to many. Thank you to our sponsors:,

The support of our sponsors helps us to create free content for you. Hey Legal has the mission of helping lawyers build great careers and businesses and we only work with sponsors who can help in that. Please check them out if you need a solution for print and remote working, case management software, electronic document bundling and outsourced cashroom services. Mention Hey Legal when you do!

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