Hey Legal was set up to create valuable resources for busy Scottish lawyers. Our focus has always been twofold – to create content you would be able to easily access from any location at any time, and to create a valuable online community for lawyers.

We are delighted that so many members of the profession have signed up with us since our January 2020 launch and removal of our paywall pre-lockdown. Creating content and expanding our digital library has provided hundreds of lawyers with valuable information, and a means of keeping up to date with developments in our profession. We are working hard to create more.

However, it has become clear to us that in order to provide the most in-depth content from leaders in the Scottish legal sector, we had to create spaces for different practice areas, for trainees, for practice managers and to help you build a better work-life balance. As a result, we are proud to announce we are introducing Hey Legal Channels.

It has always been our vision that Hey Legal could become a hub for Scottish lawyers to share knowledge, discuss specific areas of practice, and work together to build a stronger sense of community. There is currently no single platform for lawyers to come together in this way, particularly outside of traditional social media platforms. 

Practice Area Channels 

Our practice area channels will allow you to consume highly specific content related to your practice area Рcreated by experts. Content will include pre-recorded talks, live events and practical resources. Content will also be verifiable for CPD.

Career Development Channels

In the career development channels, we will focus on helping you move forward and making you a better lawyer. We have plans for business, technology, marketing and practice management.

Scottish Legal Career Launchpad

We will also be working alongside the Law Society to create the ‘Scottish Legal Career Launchpad’ a channel designed to help candidates into traineeships or other suitable legal sector roles.

Collaboration and Networking Opportunities 

We hope that having our members in designated spaces will facilitate collaboration and opportunities to work together.

Recruitment and Advertisement

There are designated channels for recruitment and advertising opportunities, including for trainees. 

Content Creation 

A big part of our motivation behind the channels is to help us better serve our users. Team Hey will be active in the space to answer questions, take feedback on board and to hear what you want us to create. Equally volunteers can offer to contribute content or get involved. 

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