It is undeniable that lockdown has created an environment that has made adoption of tech unavoidable – even for those who have previously resisted.

A recent report from Luminance, a UK supplier of machine-learning for lawyers has analysed the attitudes and adoption of tech in the legal sector.

Although 60% of lawyers believe that the legal profession continues to adopt technology more slowly than other industries, the reports states that ‘it is clear that attitudes are changing’. In fact, 86% of senior lawyers aged 55-64 agreed that ‘AI and machine learning will play an important role in the legal industry in the future’.  

Simon Davis, past president of the Law Society of England & Wales, writes in the introduction:

‘2020 marks an inflection point in the modernisation of the sector.

‘From the near universal adoption of collaboration and video conferencing tools and e-signature technology, to the use of artificial intelligence to rapidly analyse large datasets, we are witnessing an industry-wide shift in the demand for, and willingness to embrace, technology,’

You can download the full report here:

Luminance Report:
The Impact of Technology and Covid-19 on the British Legal Industry

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