In a recent article as part of the ‘What the Best High Street Law Firms Do’ series, Grant Yuill from Denovo discusses how proper lead management can transform your law firm.

The article features an interview with Ross Yuill from The Glasgow Law Practice, who outlines the problems the firm was facing and how proper lead management completely changed they way they do business. Ross said:

We were doing a poor job at this, meaning we were overlooking one of the most important aspects of running our business successfully. We were taking notes on paper, spreadsheets, post-it notes, you name it. Often the details would get logged in our case management system or the message would get passed on to a fee earner, but on the odd occasion it wouldn’t. Even when it did there was no structure to how we actually handled the enquiry. There was then the inevitable delay in responding to the client and on many occasions we were simply throwing money away.

We were doing a lot right to get enquiries – good brand, good website, good reputation, bits of marketing here and there, but we needed a way to turn those enquiries into fees. 

We needed a smarter, more cost effective solution and that’s what we found with Denovo’s Leads Management software.

You can read the full case study and find out more about how your firm can turn more enquiries into paying clients over on the Denovo website.

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