Our interview with Lady Dorrian is now available on the Scottish Criminal Law Channel. Lady Dorrian is in discussion with Edith Forrest about the new sentencing of young people guidelines coming into effect on 26th January 2022.

This is an excerpt of an exclusive interview with Lady Dorrian, Lord Justice Clerk and Chair of the Scottish Sentencing Council, with the interview conducted by Edith Forrest, Advocate. The question covered here is

Why have you made rehabilitation a higher priority than, say, protection of the public or punishment?”

Lady Dorrian on Sexual Offences Cases

Our previous interview with Lady Dorrian provided unique and valuable insight into improving the management of sexual offences cases, and the latest content is not to be missed.

You can access the content in a CPD verifiable format by signing up to the Scottish Criminal Law Channel.

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  • We have a brilliant talk from Donald Findlay QC as part of our Trial Series where he discusses case prep, disclosure, consultations, expert witnesses and managing a client through remand. Unique and exclusive content not to be missed.

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