The University of Glasgow Rectorial election will take place on April 20th-21st 2021, and our fellow member of the profession Lady Rae, hopes to bring her experience and judicial impartiality to the role.

In a recent interview with The GULS Law Review Lady Rae discusses what it would mean to have an active impartial Rector.

As we know, a judge’s work is to act as a conduit for the law. It is Lady rae’s belief that a Rector for a University should act for the students and thus, her own experience and impartiality as a judge makes her an excellent candidate. Lady Rae’s sentiment is clear: policy should be developed by the students based on their needs; not dictated by the Rector.

Lady Rae will use her platform to voice views and concerns. For example, she will be open to lobbying on any issues as long as this represents the ideals of the student body.

Lady Rae has had an incredible career to date, paving the way for women in the legal industry at a time when women were considered ’emotionally unsuitable’ for court work. In 2019, she was awarded an honorary doctorate in Laws from the University of Glasgow in Recognition of her career and contribution to Scottish law.


Lady Rae would make history at the University of Glasgow by appointing Lady Rae as our first active female rector. She is committed to being a working Rector, to listening to students and to voicing their concerns.

 Students have called for active leadership in areas such as diversity and inclusion, student safety and the promotion of international opportunities. As this campaign is for students, Lady Rae has highlighted these areas as key manifesto priorities. She said:

“those who have achieved their goals have a duty to encourage and support the young, particularly the underprivileged, essentially to give something back”.

 Students who have nominated Lady Rae for this role recognise her as somebody with the integrity, life experience and competency to be an advocate for the student body. If you support Lady Rae’s principles and manifesto priorities.

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