Brian McConnachie QC in his video for the Hey Legal Scottish Criminal Law Essentials Summit discusses Donald Findlay QC having changed cross examination in Scotland. He explains the credit with with reference to the George Beattie murder trial, which lasted only 3 days and cross examination was ineffective. The trial was recently featured in the Herald

Margaret McLaughlin murder: The last opportunity for justice, The Herald

Findlay was not involved in the trial, but as McConnachie explains he was the first to start really taking on the police.

David Wilson has recently published a book about the trial. He said:

In July this year I published a book about this murder in my home town of Carluke called Signs of Murder, which I spent two years researching and writing – mostly at the insistence of my sisters and their friends, who had never accepted George’s part in Margaret’s death.

David Wilson, Author of ‘Signs of Murder’

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