Lawscot Foundation chair Christine McLintock at the Law Society’s 2024 dinner.

Scotland’s legal sector has shown its ongoing commitment to aspiring lawyers from less-advantaged backgrounds with the generous donations made at the Law Society of Scotland’s annual dinner.

More than £7,500 was given to support the Lawscot Foundation’s charitable work at the black tie event at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh on Friday, 10 May.

Attendees were reminded of the value and importance of broadening access to legal careers in Scotland, and viewed an inspiring video featuring Lawscot Foundation scholar Abbie Prince, who is in the fourth year of her LLB at the University of Strathclyde.

The funds have been raised as the Lawscot Foundation considers scholarships applications from young people planning to begin studying a Scots law LLB later this year. The 2024 round remains open to applications until 5pm on Friday, 21 June.

Lawscot Foundation chair Christine McLintock was one of several trustees and other volunteers who attended the dinner, including the head of the charity’s Fundraising Committee, Hey Legal founder Ally Thomson.

Mr Thomson said: “Thank you to everyone who donated so generously on what was a wonderful night. Donations and regular revenue are key to fulfilling the aims of the Foundation.

“We will shortly be considering applications, which is a difficult process as many worthy potential recipients cannot be assisted through lack of resources. Your generosity makes a difference and we are pleased that we now have greater funds to allocate.

“Thank you to all of the volunteers who assisted with fundraising activities on the night and to the Law Society for ongoing support.”

Friday’s dinner also held added significance as the Law Society of Scotland celebrated 75 years since its establishment.

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