Legal Services Regulation Reform

The Scottish Government is holding a consultation on Legal Services Regulation Reform. The deadline for responses was 24 December 2021 and the Government is now considering the submissions.  Senior judges responded to this consultation pointing out the need for the regulation to remain independent of the Government and Parliament to ensure that the rights of citizens and the rule of law are protected. Improvements can be made within the practice of the system without removing the regulatory powers of the Lord President and the independence which he safeguards.

The response of the senior Scottish judiciary to the consultation has now been published. It is available to read in both summary and in full. Also available on the website is information on the Lord President’s role in regulating the legal professions including a table listing his regulatory functions.

Regulating the Legal Profession

Consultation summary

Full consultation response

Legal Services Regulation Reform Consultation: What Scottish lawyers need to know

In a recent episode of the Hey Legal podcast, Ally Thomson of Hey Legal is joined by the Executive Director of Regulation of the Law Society of Scotland, Rachel Wood and Craig Cathcart of The Regulatory Committee of the Society to discuss the current consultation on Legal Services Regulation Reform and key points lawyers need to know.

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