Niche legal firm Levy & McRae Solicitors are hosting an international conference from 24th-26th June 2022.  They are welcoming lawyers from all over the world including USA, South Africa and mainland Europe.  The delegates are members of Legal Netlink Alliance, an international body of lawyers.

The programme for the conference includes contributions on COP26, digital marketing for the legal profession in the 21st century and discussions on comparative jurisdictions. 

The conference will also see cultural contributions on both the arts and of course, Scotland’s best-known internationalist, Robert Burns. 

Bill Macreath, Chairman of Levy & McRae said,

“We very much look forward to welcoming our friends from around the world to Glasgow.  Our last proper opportunity to meet in person was in Tel Aviv in early 2020, so we hope that our conference is a sign of the international and commercial world getting back to normal”.

David McKie, Senior Partner of the firm said,

“We have put together a diverse and stimulating programme for our delegates, which will bring together legal, marketing and cultural themes.  We have also organised some interesting trips which we hope will enable our guests to see the international city which Glasgow has always been and continues to be, as well as some of its nearby beauty spots”.

Mihai Voicu, President of LNA Europe said

“I am very much looking forward to visiting Glasgow and Scotland and to gaining some more insight into the Scottish legal world as well as sampling the finest of what both Glasgow and Scotland has to offer”.

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