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The Hey Legal Insights series brings you the chance to hear from solicitors in the Scottish legal sector about the realities of the work that they do, how they got into the profession, key cases and more. We are joined in our latests Hey Legal Insights video by Elizabeth Rose, medical negligence solicitor and founder of L&M Medilaw.

Elizabeth is an Accredited Specialist by the Law Society of Scotland in the field of Medical Negligence Law. Elizabeth said:

“I do this work because it involves making a difference in the lives of those I am lucky enough to represent. It is a privilege to be their solicitor and I give everything I have in pursuit of the best outcomes for my clients”

Being a medical negligence solicitor – Hey Legal Insights

Ally Thomson of Hey Legal hosts the discussion. In this episode, Elizabeth discusses what life is like as a Medical Negligence solicitor, why she chose this area of law, what the best parts of the job are and also the challenges involved.

We discuss cases, instructing counsel and experts and also the launch of a new venture by Elizabeth, L&M Medilaw. We hear about the focus on accessibility for all.

We hope you enjoy this episode and we will continue to build out our library of Insights videos with lawyers across the entire spectrum of legal work, firm types and organisations. The Insights we hope lead some to be better informed and possibly to make some great career decisions.

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