Working from home presents many challenges. But we can all agree, spending more time with our pets has made lockdown more bearable.

Ahead of the festive season we want to honour the stars of every Zoom meeting, those responsible for making sure we get outside for our walk, the great entertainers, and in tough times, our supportive companions. 

We are creating a charity calendar featuring pets of the Scottish legal sector – but we need your help. 

Henry, Chief Barketing Manager at Hey Legal News

Send us a picture of your pet 

If you would like to submit a picture of your pet for our calendar, here is what we need. 

Your name and law firm 

Your pet’s name (and any additional information you want include about them)

A clear picture of your pet, it doesn’t need to be professional so long as it is of reasonable quality. 

There is no specific theme for the photos, but we would like to see some creativity. Show us their personality, choose a month the photo might be best for, dress them up or show us your  pet colleague hard at work. 

Harvey, Barketing Executive

We want to get the calendar ready as soon as possible so we cant start raising money for those in need across Scotland. The deadline for photos is Sunday 15th November 2020

You can send us your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by email

We look forward to meeting your work from home colleagues!

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