The lastest Shaping Your Success episode is a thought-provoking and insightful interview with Kay McCorquodale, Executive Director of the Judicial Office for Scotland, on the eve of her retirement. The interview provides a glimpse into Kay’s career journey, from her early days in the private sector to her influential roles in the public sector and her significant contributions to judicial reform. The conversation touches upon various topics, including the challenges and joys of a legal career, the impact of technology on the legal profession, and the importance of embracing change. Kay’s reflections offer valuable lessons for legal professionals and aspiring change-makers alike.

In their extensive discussion, Kay highlights the breadth of her work and the opportunities she has had to make a difference in people’s lives. Her career spans a diverse range of roles, including advisory work, litigation, and participation in judicially-led reform bodies. Through her involvement in reform initiatives such as the Scottish Sentencing Commission and the Scottish Civil Courts Review, Kay has played a pivotal role in shaping Scotland’s legal landscape.

The conversation also delves into the challenges faced by the legal profession, particularly in the face of rapid technological advancements and the need to adapt to change. Kay emphasises the importance of collaboration, consultation, and compromise when introducing reforms or bringing about substantial structural changes. Balancing the interests of various stakeholders and fostering a diverse profession that reflects society’s needs is key.

Looking towards the future, Kay discusses the transformative potential of digitization, virtual hearings, and the increasing use of artificial intelligence in the legal sphere. She highlights the ongoing efforts in Scotland to address challenges around recruitment and retention, particularly in the criminal bar, through a joint working group convened by the Scottish Government, the Law Society of Scotland, and the Faculty of Advocates.

As Kay bids farewell to her distinguished legal career, she expresses her confidence in the future of the legal profession and her commitment to giving back. She has recently been appointed as a trustee of the Lawscot Foundation, which supports academically talented students from less advantaged backgrounds on their legal education journey.

In conclusion, this interview provides an enlightening and inspiring account of a legal career marked by passion, dedication, and a strong belief in driving positive change. Kay McCorquodale’s reflections serve as a guiding light for legal professionals navigating the complexities of today’s legal landscape and striving to make a lasting impact on society.

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