In a recent article for Holyrood Magazine, Roddy Dunlop QC discusses whether there is any value for lawyers in being on Twitter – given the potential consequences of getting it wrong.

He said:

“That’s a very good question. I’m only on Twitter because the faculty’s PR adviser said it’s important to engage with modern Scotland in a modern fashion. I find it quite often to be an absolute cesspit. I’ve seen great harm caused to a variety of people in Scottish public life by Twitter – the propensity towards pile-ons and hate and attacks is utterly horrendous, and I can understand why some people have decided it’s not for them. 

“The advice I give to any budding lawyer is to remember that the internet is forever. Once it’s out there (even if you can delete it, someone will have screenshotted it) it will be there forever and future employers will look at it. Don’t tweet in the pub. Don’t tweet in anger – that way madness lies.”

Roddy took part in the Hey Legal quiz last year, for more insight into his life in the law and beyond, you can watch the full quiz episode.

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