Ross Yuill, Solicitor Advocate from The Glasgow Law Practice and Former Glasgow Bar Association President provides an outline of the practical realities of representing the accused in the Sheriff courts currently under lockdown emergency measures.

Ross answers the following questions:

1. What types of numbers of people are being put through court currently?

2. Do you see them in police custody?

3. Are police interviews taking place?

4. If so is social distancing etc being observed? Are any measures being taken due to the virus?

5. How are court proceedings being done? Do you get to consult with client beforehand? If so how? What has changed about the court appearance eg court lay out? Do you feel adequately protected in terms of coronavirus? 

6. Are you using video link for any court hearings? If so do they work? And for what type of hearings?

7. What is happening with prison visits? Consultations with clients in prison including counsel, have they stopped or if happening can client participate?

8. Have the legal aid emergency measures helped?

9. What is happening with routine court business? Being adjourned till? 

10. Is there anything you would like to see implemented that would help this situation in any way?

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