A law professor from the University of Stirling is launching an innovative hub to bring together experts in law and innovation and break down silos between academics and professionals.

The new body is led by Dr Guido Noto La Diega, Associate Professor at the University’s Law School, who has been awarded funding from the Royal Society of Edinburgh to create the Scottish Law and Innovation Network (SCOTLIN).

The hub is open to any expert in law and innovation based in Scotland including academics, legal professionals, and others. SCOTLIN will allow experts to share research, promote excellence in teaching, and develop law and policy innovations.

Dr Noto La Diega said:

“SCOTLIN aims to bridge academic and professional silos, in order to get the most out of our multidisciplinary knowledge in the field of law and innovation.

“It also aims to increase public awareness and education about key issues ranging from digital privacy to the regulation of artificial intelligence, from business tech-readiness through to algorithmic accountability.”

The online launch will take place on Wednesday 31st March 2021 from 16.00-17.00. Associate  Professor Guido Noto La Diega (Stirling Law School) will introduce the network and the keynote speech will be delivered by Professor Hector MacQueen on the topic “Law and innovation in Scotland: some impressionistic thoughts”.

Please email Zihao Li (z.li.6@research.gla.ac.uk) for the Teams link if you wish to attend the event.

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