Lawyer of the Year, Iain Smith, is a passionate advocate for trauma awareness in the profession and has arranged a special invitation to allow all criminal defence lawyers & law students free access to part of the Law Society annual conference. 

On Thursday 29th April  at 1.30pm the society will screen Warriors, a film produced and directed by BAFTA winner (he has won 3), Stephen Bennett. It is a hugely powerful documentary about kids in a care home. The kids are revisited 5 years later and we learn how things are through the eyes & narration of one of the children, Bradley. It is all about Trauma. It lasts only 57 minutes.

Later at 4pm there is a Q&A with Stephen & Kirsty Giles, from the Award Winning Scottish Violence Reduction Unit.

There may be a special guest who will also attend. 

Iain has asked the CPD team and they have agreed that non-members can access the link, film & Q&A free of charge too.

The registration page is here:

Please come along. 

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