Chris Large, who has recently completed the Diploma in Legal Practice and is seeking a traineeship in Criminal Law. Chris created a video for our Youtube channels, explaining the challenges faced by traineeship seekers at this time. He said:

“Being one of the hundreds of students finishing their legal education this year, as well as one of the hundreds more who are looking for their traineeship, I thought it would be helpful to make this video. Finding a traineeship is competitive at the best of times, sending out tens of tailored applications alongside candidates who have the benefit of legal experience or good connections in the profession already.

The exceptional circumstance of online learning for students and home working for lawyers has meant that securing experience and traineeships is more difficult than ever, all the more so if, like me, you wish only to do one specific area of work.All the applications, interviews and rejections can stack up and make the situation seem pretty hopeless. I know that I am not alone when I say the stress of the traineeship hunt can get quite overwhelming, it can be difficult to talk about too.

It is my hope that, in making this short video, employers can get some perspective on what the post-covid application process can be like. I also hope that my fellow applicants feel a bit strengthened hearing the voice of someone experiencing the same stress as them.

Hold on for now, we’ll be lawyers yet!”

The video shows Chris to be an excellent candidate for any criminal law firm looking to add a trainee to their team. Chris can be contacted on and would be delighted to share his CV and engage in relevant work experience.

We wish him all the very best!

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