Are you a lawyer looking for inspiration? Shaping Your Success, the channel we have co-created with the Law Society of Scotland and sponsored by Denovo Business Intelligence, is now also available to you on YouTube, as well as on the Law Society`s website. Over 700 lawyers subscribe to receive updates about new releases and to have the opportunity to suggest new speakers and topics.

The channel’s mission is to help lawyers become successful in their industry and career . It does this by providing inspiring stories from successful lawyers and business leaders, entrepreneurs, disruptors and people who make a difference in their field.

The channel’s videos include interviews with top lawyers such as Baroness Helena Kennedy KC, and inspiring stories from successful professionals from beyond the law. Each video provides valuable insight into the legal profession and offers advice on how to succeed. You can view the Baroness Kennedy KC interview here:

These resources are designed to provide lawyers with the knowledge they need to better understand the legal system and become successful in their chosen field. In addition to providing helpful resources, the channel also encourages viewers to interact with the content through comments and discussions, asking questions, and sharing tips and advice.

Register today on the Law Society website and subscribe to the Shaping Your Success YouTube content

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