The Sunday Lie-in is a weekly feature from the Hey Legal Team where we share with you three things the team have consumed and shared with each other that week. An direct insight into our team group chat. We hope you enjoy it.

MTV Cribs is back – but after coronavirus, do we have the stomach for it anymore?

The Independent

An interesting discussion concerning whether the era of flaunting celebrity wealth is over.

How to Build a Digital Brand That Lasts

Harvard Business Review

What makes a brand last? Knowing the answer is what separates sustainable success from eventual obscurity. Almost every company devotes significant resources to defining their brand. But few ask the equally important question: how to protect it?

Monzo’s Tone of Voice Guidelines


One of the fastest growing tech brands in the world explains how they speak to their customers.

David Tennant Does a Podcast With…Neil Gaiman

Writer Neil Gaiman tells David Tennant how a young boy from the south of England who wanted to be a ‘freelance religion designer’ grew up to create the ground-breaking worlds of Sandman, Good Omens, American Gods and reveals what is still left for him to conquer.

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