The Sunday Lie-in is a weekly feature from the Hey Legal Team where we share with you three things the team have consumed and shared with each other that week. An direct insight into our team group chat. We hope you enjoy it.

After a decisive year, how are brands celebrating Black History Month UK?

We covered what law firms are doing earlier this week, but how are the world’s biggest brands marking Black History Month? A look at some of the most creative and innovative initiatives from social media platforms, dating apps, digital agencies. ITV, Royal Mail and many other household names.

The Legal Cheek ‘Firm’s Most List 2020-21’

Everything trainees (or even lawyers looking to change firm) need to know about the leading law firms operating in the UK. The easy to use list includes pay, hours targets, international reach, diversity figures and more.

We thought this was particularly interesting as it allows candidates to search for firms by diversity criteria such as ‘most UK female partners’ or ‘most UK BME partners’. However, the list also allows users to filter by work-life balance criteria such as earliest arrival time/latest leave time, partner approachability, work quality, perks, whether working from home is offered and even eco friendliness.

The disruption con: why big tech’s favourite buzzword is nonsense

Interesting look into the history of ‘disruption’ and ‘How one magic word became a way of justifying Silicon Valley’s unconstrained power.’

Adapted from What Tech Calls Thinking: An Inquiry into the Intellectual Bedrock of Silicon Valley,

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