The Sunday Lie-in is a weekly feature from the Hey Legal Team where we share with you three things the team have consumed and shared with each other that week. An direct insight into our team group chat. We hope you enjoy it.

Excitement, anticipation, despair: the best pictures of US election night

Supporters of Donald Trump watch the television to see the numbers coming in at the Cochise county Republican headquarters.
Photograph: Ariana Drehsler/AFP/Getty Images

24 of the best reactions to Joe Biden winning the 2020 election

The 11 Best Lawyer Websites You Need To See

Keeping our eyes ‘across the pond’, this article looks at some innovative, creative websites from US law firms.

Like all other industries, lawyer websites come in all shapes and sizes and are most successful when they creatively highlight a firm’s unique branding while still providing users with the information they’re looking for. Mobile design is also an absolute must.

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