In a recent article, Emma King, Director at Clarity Simplicity, discusses with Denovo how she recognised the need to drive the firm forward by making some significant changes. She said:

As a business we were accustomed to using a CMS however, I recognised that the system we were using was not delivering the efficiency we desired. We were content to plod along, like many firms do. However, as the challenges increased – such as connectivity to that system becoming an issue and a lack of modernisation of processes – they started to lead to us losing business.

We felt the system did not provide us with necessary tools to transform our working environment. Nowadays we are so technologically dependent we felt change was needed to maximise our growth opportunity. We’re a busy firm, so having a reliable case management system in place is paramount to our success.

You can read the full article and find our more about becoming an ‘agent of change’ over on Denovo’s blog.

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