We recently covered the impending rise in Employment Tribunal claims in Winter of Discontent 2020: Will we see a sharp rise in Employment Tribunal Claims?

However, fresh warnings have been issued from Aberdein Considine, in light of new data.

Sally-Anne Anderson, a Partner at Aberdein Considine said:

“Although the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been extended, it is a sad fact that many more job losses could still be in the pipeline when it does come to end. 

“It’s been an incredibly difficult time for the majority of businesses in Scotland, but we are seeing a trend of employers who are not following correct redundancy procedures and this is only likely to result in more unfair dismissal claims.

“There is also evidence to suggest that some employers are making blanket decisions to make employees who were furloughed redundant. As some employees may have been put on furlough for reasons relating to childcare or health concerns, such an approach could lead to an uplift in discrimination claims as well as unfair dismissal claims.”

“Unless the situation is well managed and the lines of communication remain open and reasonable, this is simply exposing firms to costly and time consuming employment issues which are avoidable”

We want to serve our community as best we can. If you are an employment practitioner with a strategy and practical advice for managing the current influx of Employment Tribunal claims, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch: hey@heylegal.co.uk

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