Changes to Employment Tribunal procedures are designed to reduce case backlogs and to allow claims to progress to a hearing more quickly. However, when couples with the current climate in which employment disputes are increasing, will we see a surge in ET claims this winter? In a recent article, Rebecca Peedell discusses what we can expect to see across the UK and what your employer clients may have concerns about.

Peedell writes:

One aspect of the Regulations which may concern employers is that they allow multiple claimants to use the same ET1 form if their claims give rise to common or related issues of fact or law, or it is reasonable for them to do so. The current situation is that two or more claimants can use the same form only if their claims are based on the same set of facts. Sadly, with the coming months likely to witness widespread redundancies, it is not hard to imagine this change encouraging groups of colleagues combining to submit their claims in a single application.

Read the full article here.

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