'Worth' Lawyer Kenneth Feinberg

As part of the Shape Your Success Channel, in association with the Law Society of Scotland, we promised engaging, informative content that makes you think. For our first month we hit the ground running, bringing you exceptional speakers discussing innovative topics. Hear from ‘Worth’ lawyer Kenneth Feinberg, a US attorney recently played by Michael Keaton in the feature film on Netflix.

‘Worth’ Lawyer Kenneth Feinberg on emotion, trauma and work-life balance

Kenneth R. Feinberg is an American Attorney specialising in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. In 2001, Kenneth was appointed the Special Master of the US Government’s September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. He has since served as the Government appointed minister for the victim assistance fund following the Boston Marathon bombings, the BP Deepwater Horizon Victim Compensation Fund, and many more.

Join Johanna Boyd of Brodies as we speak to Kenneth about how he deals with the emotional nature of his work, his top tips on achieving work-life balance, and his advice to Scottish solicitors looking to adopt a ‘Trauma-Informed’ approach.

This video is only available over on the Shape Your Success channel. This channel will provide one hour of free CPD every month, taking a sideways look at the Scottish solicitor profession to see what we can learn from different professions.

Kenneth’s work in handling the 9/11 victim compensation fund has recently been depicted in the film ‘Worth’ which can be viewed on Netflix.

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