The world of work has changed. 
We’re calling for a lunch revolution.

What is CANTEEN?
We’re an Edinburgh-based lunch delivery platform that makes healthy lunch easy for busy professionals during the week. Launched at the start of 2022, we offer employers a simple way to support their teams with access to fresh, nutritious food, without the need for big budgets or in-office facilities. 

The way it works is simple: companies pay a subscription, which grants their employees access to our online canteen where they can choose from a weekly-changing, seasonal menu of mains and sides. All of our lunches are individually boxed and delivered to desks all over the city by cargo bike, home or office.

What problem do we solve?
The average British office worker takes just 22 minutes for lunch. For most, this means just enough time to eat a sandwich in front of a screen before joining the next Zoom call. The working lunch hour has been in a state of gradual decline since the 1960s, now viewed as little more than a utility meal to stave off the afternoon hunger pangs. And that’s if we even stop to take it at all.

At CANTEEN, we believe that we need a lunch culture re-set. Not only for our health, but for our happiness, productivity and creativity at work. We’re determined to put lunch at the top of the workplace wellbeing agenda, recognising its intrinsic ability to not only improve health, but build community and foster high engagement – vital for talent attraction and retention in this new world of work.

Why should the legal sector be looking to prioritise food in wellbeing strategy?
Working in the legal sector is notoriously demanding, with long hours, challenging clients and high stress levels. Billable hours make time tight which, coupled with the growing productivity pressure of home working, makes accessing healthy food during the working day incredibly difficult. 

More and more, firms are starting to follow companies in other sectors in a move to optimise employee wellbeing; recognising just how important the employee experience is to business strategy and commercial success. 

The impact of good food for your firm:

• Increase billable productivity by 20%*
• Create a culture of personal care and wellbeing
• Relieve the pressure of shopping for lunch
• Make your team feel valued and motivated

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you could support your busy team with healthy lunch, head to our website:

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