New podcast, ‘Kids Law’ produced by the team from Next 100 Years, aims to provide answers to children’s questions about the law and how it affects them at different stages of their lives.

The first episode of the podcast features Lady Hale, former Supreme Court President where she talks about her role introducing the Children Act 1989.

The podcast is peresented by the nine-year-old daughter of Next 100 Years founder Dana Denis-Smith, and Lucinda Acland, presenter of the First 100 Years’ podcast series and co-author of First: 100 years of women in law.

Denis-Smith, founder of The Next 100 Years, said:

‘One of the aims of the Next 100 Years is to inform the next generation and to inspire the women lawyers of the future.

‘Education is an important part of this so following our successful First 100 Years podcast series charting the history of women in law, I hope that Alma-Constance and Lucinda’s Kids Law podcast will reach and inspire a new audience.

‘Children should understand how the law works and how it impacts their lives but there are few resources out there easy for them to understand. This new series comes at a time when so many of us are home schooling and offers the opportunity for children to learn about the law from leading figures in the legal world in an accessible way.’

In each episode, the host discusses the impact of the law on the lives of children with a relevant professional, providing advice to children about how to keep safe and make positive decisions.

In the second episode, for example, Alma-Constance quizzes leading human rights barrister, Adam Wagner of Doughty Street Chambers about the current Covid 19 laws and how she can celebrate her upcoming birthday; what the laws mean for children whose parents are separated and why some children are still going to school.

In the most recent episode, host, Alma-Constance says:

‘Next month I will be ten years old, the age of criminal responsibility in England. I was surprised to hear that I could end up in court if I broke the law. None of my friends in school knew anything about it.’

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