This month on the Shaping Your Success Channel with the Law Society of Scotland, you can hear from Stephen Gold, law firm consultant.

Founded in 1981, Stephen Gold’s firm quickly gained a reputation as one of the UK’s most innovative law firms. Today, Stephen runs his own law firm consultancy business and is retained as a trusted advisor and mentor to well-known firms up and down the country. He says:

In 1981, aged 32, having just recovered from cancer, with my wife Ruth I founded our law firm, Golds in a converted suburban shop on the south side of Glasgow. By 2007, Golds had grown to just under 500 people, and gained a reputation as one of the UK’s most innovative law firms. We were pioneers in using new process and technology, specialising in work for banks, insurers, and national organisations. 

Since I began consulting, I’ve had the privilege of helping many different law firm leaders achieve their ambition to build a great business. I work all over the UK and also in Ireland. My clients range from members of the global elite and leading national firms, to smaller practices. 

You can learn from his valuable insight and years of experience over on the Shaping Your Success Channel.

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