In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Scullion Law are offering free, 20 minute phone calls with the firm’s network of counsellors, therapists and coaches.

Family solicitor Judith Higson said:

“Sometimes talking to someone out with your immediate circle, who simply listens and advises without judgement, gives people a fresh perspective on things allowing a little light to shine where there was only darkness.”

Scullion Law has partnered with some of the best local counsellors, therapists and coaches, who can provide new clients going through divorce or separation to speak to someone who can support them emotionally.

The offering is an innovative move in ensuring clients are fully informed about the life-changing nature of divorce and separation.

Judith continued:

‘we recognise these are exceptionally challenging times for both individuals and families. 2020 has been really tough for everyone and there is a lot of uncertainty in the air. That is why we want people to be able to reach out and ask for help if they need it. No one is on their own.

Even when it feels the world is collapsing around them… we are here to give them the support they need via our support network. Everyone is in the same storm but different boats. People are suffering financially, emotionally, and mentally. Some are grieving, some are worried about elderly parents, some have not been able to see their loved ones or friends for months… some are depressed, anxious, lonely, worried about their jobs… some have been made redundant… and that is having an impact on a lot of marriages.

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