Earlier this week, LawtechUK published a major survey of the lawtech sector, ‘Shaping the Future of Law’ which highlights key benefits and opportunities.

The report outlines the importance of widespread use of technology and data in law and the vital role of lawtech in meeting the needs of clients.

Jenifer Swallow, LawtechUK director at TechNation, said:

‘The law is critical in all our lives and businesses and it should be easy to engage with and affordable and effective for everyone. Lawtech is how we make that happen.’

The sector is seeing incredible growth – with lawtech startups and scaleups growing at 101% over the last three years, and adoption levels increasing during Covid-19 across our courts, legal businesses and in-house legal teams. Building on this growth, working collaboratively across the sector, we can realise the full strategic opportunity of lawtech on an accelerated timeline, and deliver results no one organisation could achieve alone – for the benefit of regular people, businesses, the UK economy and the wider global ecosystem.

Lawtech is big business too, with the body estimating that the sector is set to become a £22bn industry, employing around 12,500 people.

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