Recent traineeship statistics from the Law Society of Scotland show that there has been a significant rise in traineeship numbers this year, following a crash as a result of the pandemic. In the last practice year, 744 traineeships commenced, compared to only 434 in the previous practice year.

The increase is promising as it is a clear indication that certain areas of the profession are recovering from the impact of the pandemic. However, it is important to note that these traineeship figures have increased as a result of deferred traineeships from 2020 to 2021. In addition, 40 legal aid traineeships, were launched in early June this year with support from the Scottish Government.

Liz Campbell, the Law Society’s Executive Director of Education, Training and Qualifications, said:

“The bounce back in traineeship figures is very encouraging and indicates that solicitors are able to offer traineeships again. Trainees are the lifeblood of our profession, without which we cannot survive and thrive.

“Of course, we would urge that this year’s figures are looked at in context and note that we would be surprised if this year’s figures were seen again. We must remain cautious about the future and what traineeship recruitment will look like, given the ongoing impact of the pandemic on the profession and wider economy.

“We know that a high number of Diploma graduates are in the traineeship market and securing a traineeship will continue to be competitive. As ever, we would urge all final-year LLB students to consider the current environment when deciding their next steps, whether that is to do the Diploma or an alternative career.”

We are continuing to work with the Law Society of Scotland to help more people into traineeships with our flexible traineeships scheme. You can read about the scheme here, or get in touch with us to put yourself or your firm forward.

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