Law Society Certification Courses are amongst the most popular choices for lawyer learning, bringing as they do the opportunity to upskill and also to show clients, colleagues and employers that you have gained an additional qualification. And the roster of courses has now been boosted by the new addition of a Legal Technology Certification.

With the waiting list now open, the course is for all lawyers, irrespective of tech knowledge. It`s a topic that all lawyers know is crucially important to their career and work. In fact in recent polling, 95% of Scottish lawyers confirmed that technology is crucially important to their working life and career prospects.

Yet lawyers are often wary of tech. And that is why the focus of this course is on it being fun, interactive and practical. Taught entirley online over 6 weeks, with groups limited to 20, the course aims to break down barriers, change thinking and empower. Plus you get a nice certificate on completion, valid for three years, which you can add to your website profile page, social media channels, email signature and more!

Dates will be announced soon for the first cohort and to get early access and to join the waiting list email Full course information is available here: Legal Technology Certification Course.

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