This talk featured in our Scottish Criminal Law Summit from October 2020. It is a talk focusing on criminal law but of relevance to all lawyers.

Dr Mary Ross, Consultant Clinical Psychologist is in discussion with Edith Forrest Advocate with a focus on mental health wellbeing for criminal lawyers. You may think you are unaffected by some of the evidence that you are dealing with. Consultant psychologist Mary Ross outlines signs that may show you are being impacted and provides some easy strategies which will help you, your loved ones, your business and your clients.

In this talk you will learn about: Identifying when you are showing signs of stress. How other professions deal with work that impacts on mental health. Effective coping mechanisms to keep you well. This talk features in the Scottish Criminal Law Channel where it can be viewed in CPD format. We hope this content is of interest and benefit to you.

If you are affected by any of the issues discussed in this content please seek assistance, speak to a friend or colleague or seek professional help. We can also be contacted on

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