The Lord President recently published the President of Scottish Tribunals’ third Annual Report.

The report covers the period from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 and details the work undertaken within the new Scottish Tribunals structure.

Lady Smith, former President of Scottish Tribunals, said:

My final Annual Report, which has today been published, provides an overview of the operation of the Scottish tribunals during the year to 31 March 2020.

As I depart from my role as President of Scottish Tribunals, I am delighted to see that they have further consolidated their position as playing a key role in the administration of justice in Scotland through the operation of their specialist jurisdictions, maintained their unique user focus and also their commitment to excellence.

I am, once more, extremely grateful to the Chamber Presidents for their dedication, to the members who apply their skills and experience to the efficient disposal of claims and to the staff of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service who have, once more, provided invaluable support throughout the year.  I have no doubt that these high standards will continue to be achieved under my successor, the Rt Hon Lord Woolman.

The President of Scottish Tribunals Annual Report is available on the website here.

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