The Shaping Your Success CPD Channel brought to you by Hey Legal and the Law Society of Scotland brings you learning with a difference and especially so with our latest release. Discover an entirely new perspective on critical thinking, analytics, and strategy with the unique experiences of a former KGB spy.


Attention, lawyers! Prepare yourselves for an exciting and captivating YouTube series that is sure to redefine your analytical prowess. Jack Barsky, a former KGB spy and renowned author, features in an exclusive 4-part series that promises to provide lawyers with invaluable insights into critical thinking, behavioural analysis and strategic decision-making.

Jack Barsky’s Unique Background

Jack Barsky’s story is nothing short of extraordinary. A brilliant computer scientist by training, Barsky was recruited by the Soviet Union’s KGB during the height of the Cold War. He operated as a deep-cover spy in the United States for over a decade before leaving espionage behind and embarking on a successful career in the corporate world. His experiences as a spy and in the business world have provided him with a unique perspective on problem-solving, strategic thinking, and adaptability.

A Series Tailored to Lawyers

The just released 4-part series delves into Barsky’s incredible life story while focusing on practical lessons and techniques that legal professionals can adopt to enhance their analytical and decision-making abilities. Each episode will cover a different theme, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of intelligence gathering, analysis, and strategy.

You will : 

  • Learn how to develop razor-sharp observational skills and gather critical information from your surroundings. Barsky will share techniques he employed during his time as a spy, which can be invaluable for lawyers during client meetings, negotiations, and court appearances.
  • Barsky will reveal the methods used by intelligence agencies to sift through vast amounts of information and pinpoint the most relevant and valuable insights.
  • Delve into the world of strategic thinking and learn how to make well-informed decisions in high-stakes situations. Barsky will discuss the importance of understanding your opponent’s motivations and anticipating their moves, skills that are crucial for lawyers in and out of the courtroom.
  • Explore the power of adaptability and resilience in overcoming challenges and adversity. Barsky will share personal anecdotes and lessons he learned throughout his espionage career, highlighting the importance of mental fortitude and flexibility for legal professionals in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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